The easy way to track and visualise your mental wellbeing 🧠📈😊

Track your mood & symptom scores against health & lifestyle data such as sleep, nutrition, activity and medicines to unlock powerful insights regarding your mental wellbeing and help enable better care decisions.
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Check-in daily with as little or as much detail as you like

Use our quick and easy check-in alongside other useful tools such as mental health screeners and medicine tracking to keep a detailed and insightful history of your mental wellbeing.

Vividwell is free to use and compatible with all your internet-enabled devices including iOS and Android via our universal web app.

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Mood Tracker

Check-in daily to quickly track your mood and symptom score.

Medicine Log

Track medication & therapy to help understand their impact on your recovery.

Lifestyle Data

Log nutrition, sleep and activity or integrate with other apps such as Fitbit1.

Friendly Community

Make friends and receive peer support in our safe community.

Intelligent Insights

Unlock powerful insights presented with easy to understand charts.

Personal Journal

Look back on positive check-ins or help discover patterns of triggers.

1Fitbit integration coming Q3 2018.