Version 1.1

Thank you all so much for joining Vividwell, more than 150 people have signed up during our first week. By popular demand, custom fields have been added. There have also been some minor housekeeping updates to the Vividwell platform. Lots of exciting new features in the pipeline. Stay tuned!


  • Addition of up to 3 custom check-in fields.
  • Introduction of CloudFlare CDN, this affects our privacy notice.


  • Improved thread listings on homepage.
  • Forced all requests through secure HTTPS.
  • Limited thread posting to 1 per user per half hour.


  • Broken images on insights graph.
  • Added fluid intake option on insights.
  • Incorrect link when making first check-in.
  • Notifications menu when running app from iOS/Android homescreen.
  • Error when replying to threads.
  • Page refresh when selecting ‘Other’ check-in date on some devices.